Panoramic lifts


Panoramic lifts Distinctive signs on the facades of buildings as used as raised elevators in covered interior courtyards The most characteristic of these buildings is the arrangement of useful spaces such as guest rooms or offices around internal corridors that serve units unilaterally and overlook an inner courtyard with open walls. These roads serve vertical elevator units and stairs And through the transparent walls, the perspective of the variable can be viewed. The activities that take place in the hallway with the rise and fall of the elevator within the space used. This type of elevator allows not only to see the changing views of the entrance hall, To the architectural vacuum itself, and in some cases these lifts are placed against the normal elevators, creating a contradiction between two completely different experiences, creating a unique and distinct image of the building. The design of these elevators takes into account the minimization of the mechanical parts as far as possible, so that they are limited to the side railways only. The cab is all glass to allow visibility in all directions and to hide the mechanical parts required on the cab or below in solid parts that take many forms. Or multi-rib or in the form of a cone minus