Internal Service Elevators


Elevators of the internal services: Stairs are a major problem for the elderly and people with special needs, especially the entrance stairs because the vast majority of buildings start with elevators from the ground floor, and this is often higher than the street level several degrees, and in the absence of available space to achieve the slope of Wheelchair users themselves in front of an impossible mission to climb. This is another type. There are two types of lifts: – The elevator is either a floor and only sides that are accessible by people with special needs. This type of elevator is very small and is used for the elderly and people with special needs in wheelchairs. So they can move between different roles without help. The elevator is a chair where the disabled person is sitting directly and the advantage of this type is that it can be installed even after the construction of the building. It does not require a hole under it or a machine room, as all its operating materials are located inside it on one side to the right or left. Or three at most. But it is not practical for wheelchair users because they need the help of the other two to move them to the elevator chair and move the wheelchair, so the first type is the most used and in any case the path is continuous and has no impediments