Desert Machinery Elevators have many elevator systems that have led them to excel and improve the performance of the functions of those elevators to the fullest. From passenger lifts, high cargo lifts, patient lifts, etc., even panoramic lifts.

In order to satisfy the different needs and tastes of its customers, we are always working on the implementation of distinctive designs according to the requirements of the functional and aesthetic customers.

“Simplicity is beauty” is our approach to choosing cab designs from the inside, using a combination of coarse and coordinated materials together.

Outstanding design combines functionality, consistency, beautiful contrast and creativity.

Elevators without machine room

The elevator system without machine room is the ideal solution for the buildings that are in dire need of dispensing with the space of the machine room above the well. This system requires a minimum vacuum in the well due to the position of the machine up Settings according to the required function.

High load elevators

In high-functioning buildings such as administrative buildings, hospitals, or hotels. Desert Machinery Elevators take special care of the passenger elevators, where the movement of the comfort and flow of the elevators, and the speed of satisfaction is essential and high value.

While the other elements such as area, shape, number of doors and entrance status according to the functional requirements of the elevators, are selected inside the building so that the elevator is an active and integrated component to serve the movement within any of these buildings.

Lifts for residential buildings

With regard to residential buildings, Desert Mechanics offers the best and most suitable solutions for elevators within the limits of customer requirements. In order to move individuals within the building in a smooth, fast and safe manner, in addition to the great attention to aesthetics

Our choice is always based on performance, economy, safety, longevity, as well as aesthetics as key determinants, focusing on one or more of these determinants to match the desired function

Panorama lifts

Special Panorama elevators Desert Machinery Elevators add a touch of beauty, creativity and elegance to the surrounding area. We take into account the privacy of the architectural style of the place in the design of the tower so that it harmonizes with it.

Therefore, we are always working to provide multiple choices within their basic design. Our choice is based on performance, economy, safety and trust as well as aesthetics as key determinants.